Praise the Sun – Sunquest Slot delivers real money

No matter how many new, interesting slot games come out that feature weird and unusual gameplay and bonuses, there will always be a place for the slot that includes classic gameplay and traditional visuals. Sunquest is part of the latter, and the entire game is a reference back to those slot machines players would find in the heart of Las Vegas. Flashy graphics, fast paced, straightforward gameplay, and easy to use mechanics are the main draw of this slot.

Sunquest, by Microgaming, entertains not by having the most bonus content or the most unique reel structures, but by being a pure and simple slot. 5 reels and 9 paylines make up the reels, while symbols include everything players would find in a physical slot machine. One wild is included, and a jackpot of 10000x, along with a return to player percentage of 96.95%.

Playing Sunquest

Thanks to the simple nature of the game, players can load it up and play straight away. There is no need to tweak everything here and there, but there are still options available for those players that like the game in a certain way. There are plenty of betting options to choose from, ranging from two betting buttons and an active payline choice. An autospin, spin, and max bet are available to use as well, so players can start spinning the reels without stopping for a second. Clicking the help button brings up the paytable, which players can use to learn how the game works.

Sunquest Visuals

The imagery used in Sunquest is bright, vibrant, and everything one would expect to find when picturing a Vegas slot machine. This includes a variety of symbols including lemons, cherries, gold bars, diamonds, and gold coins. The symbols and reels take up the entirety of the screen, making this is a game that is focused solely on the gameplay, where there are no distractions for the players.

Sunquest Bonus Features

Despite the lack of bonus content, the game still comes with some unique twists that make it stand out. Symbols are more flexible, for example, where only two can be used to complete a combination. The symbols to look out for the most are the wild and scatter. The wild acts like any wild, allowing players to complete combinations that were otherwise impossible to finish. The scatter, on the other hand, does not trigger free spins or other online NZ casino bonus content, and instead awards the player with an instant cash payout. This is only triggered if the player manages to land the trigger three, four, or five times across the reels, with the payout increasing for every extra scatter that lands after the required three. This is also the means of acquiring the jackpot, where five scatters are needed to landed across an entire reel.

Sunquest Verdict

In a world where online slot games come in every shape and size, it is refreshing to find a game like Sunquest, where the main focus of everything is on the reels, and there are no distractions and complex bonus games.