Guide on Playing Baccarat Online

Baccarat, literally translated as ‘zero’, is a casino card game, and both the traditional game and online baccarat are enormously popular. There are three main versions of the game, namely, Punto Banco, commonly referred to as the American baccarat, Chemin de Fer, and the Baccarat Bangue. The latter two are more historic and skilled versions of the game, while the former, Punto Banco, is the most popular game in use. It is also Punto Banco, the American baccarat, which is commonly played in Australia.

The games are rather similar, but there is a difference concerning the dealing of the third card.

The Rules of Baccarat

In, players hold a hand of two or three cards. Their objective is to achieve a numeric value that equals or comes closest to nine. Cards two through nine are taken at face value, while the Jack, Queen, and King are valued at zero. The Aces are valued at eleven. The value of the cards in hand is summed up, and the tens figure, that is, the left ‘tens’ number, is omitted. The remaining score is the player’s total value. Players generally don’t have to calculate this, as the dealer or, if playing online, software, will present the final score.

If a player achieves a hand value worth eight or nine, holding only two cards, he wins. If his value is zero, that is, ‘baccarat’, he loses. If his value is anything else, he may draw a third card or not, depending on which type of baccarat he is playing. If he is playing Chemin de Fer or Baccarat Bangue, then the drawing of the third card is up to the player, which gives these versions of baccarat a certain amount of required skill. The better the player, the more likely he is to make winning choices.

If the player is playing Punto Banco, the drawing of the third card is pre-determined. If a player has a hand value that lies between zero and five, he has to draw a third card. If he has a hand value of six or seven, then he doesn’t draw a third card. As before, if he has a zero, he loses, and if he has a hand value of eight or nine, he wins.

One can bet either on the dealer, the player, or on a tie.

Moving the Game Online

Online baccarat does not differ in rules to the traditional game, but there are a few differences in the experience thereof.

For starters, playing online baccarat allows the player to access the game from the comfort and convenience of his own home. He doesn’t have to travel to an actual casino and can play whenever he feels like it. While this may certainly be seen as an advantage, the disadvantage of real money online baccarat is that the betting limit is usually a lot lower, and some players prefer the thrill of interacting with other players and the dealer. Live online baccarat usually makes up for this. In this game, the betting limits are higher and there is a chance of interacting, as a player can access the game via a live streaming feed.

In this way, online baccarat, whether traditional or live, allows players to have the best baccarat experience possible.