Enjoy the Sunset.. Beach Slots

When thinking of a big online slot developer like Playtech or Microgaming, most would imagine countless slots that are more or less the same. The same, standard gameplay with one or two bonuses and different themes, and most would imagine an unknown, smaller company when imagining a slot that defies conventions. This is not always true, however, as Playtech proves with Sunset Beach. This is a slot with a very unique reel structure that makes the game like nothing else, and some would be forgiven for mistaking it for something other than a slot. The base game aside, there is also plenty of bonus content to keep players entertained.

Sunset Beach has one of the most creative reel sets in the industry, and while it may seem complex at first, it does not take long to learn and play the game. A non-progressive jackpot of 3000x is included in base gameplay.

Playing Sunset Beach

The first thing players will notice about Sunset Beach, apart from the reel structure, is that the game is set on a gorgeous beach, where the sun shines out over the waves, and small plants litter the beach. This theme is carried throughout the game, and the symbols are all beach-related, including beach balls, surfers, drinks, and different women. The other, more common symbols are made up of standard letters and numbers.

The reels themselves are split into four different sets, each one being structurally identical and containing 5 reels and 20 paylines. Every time a player hits the spin button after going through the betting options, all the reel sets will spin at once. This means players can land combinations on any of the reels, or even all of them, which are then calculated together to give the player a total amount of mobile pokies winnings.

Sunset Beach Stacked Wilds

One of the features that can earn players the most winnings is the stacked wilds bonus. While the wild in the game acts like an average wild symbol, whenever one lands on any of the reels, it is cloned across the entire set of the reels. This means that there is three times as much chance to land wild combinations on any of the reels, and greatly increases the chances of winning.

Sunset Beach Free Spins

The free games symbol in the game is the scatter of Sunset Beach, and this needs to land on reel three of all four sets in order to trigger the free spins. This may seem like a rarity, but it can occur quite frequently. More free spins can be earned without end, under the right circumstances. Unfortunately, there is no multiplier associated with the free spins bonus.

Sunset Beach Verdict

Sunset Beach is the perfect slot for someone looking for something more than the average online game. The extra reel sets and multiple bonus features make it a slot worth giving a try at least once. The multiple sets of reels can make the game very entertaining and addictive.