Buccaneers Bounty – Time to Steal Some Coin!

Buccaneers Bounty is one of the few ways to put “Amaya Software” and “Piracy” in the same article: in just ten years since inception, Amaya has become the biggest name in the slot industry, and sets the standard for quality entertainment, as well as being the licence holder for several huge franchises.

That said, Buccaneers Bounty is very piratical: the opening theme music is stirring and exciting, redolent of Hollywood orchestras from the days of Captain Blood to Captain Jack Sparrow. The backdrop is one of a tropical island, with the ship anchored in the bay flying the crossed swords and skull on its sails.

The symbols on the 5 reels continue the pirate theme: there’s a good variety of these, from the cannon, the skull and crossbones, the Pieces of Eight through to the ubiquitous parrot, all rendered in a cartoon style.

Higher in value is the Island, with an X prominently marking the Spot, as one would expect, and the Scallywag, with his flintlock pistol. The ravishing redhead lady Captain is the most valuable symbol, naturally, while the animated treasure chest functions as a Wild symbol, and can substitute for any one of these.

Depending on how many of the treasure chests appear per spin, you can be awarded bonus coins: 1 will award 2 bonus coins, rising incrementally to where 5 treasure chests in a single spin will award you 6000 bonus coins.

Ship Sighted!

The appearance of three of the Pirate ship symbol, silhouetted against an ominous blue and purple sky, can win you 10 Free Spins, at the same bet value of the original spin. These can be re-triggered, and the Bonus can be activated as with any regular spin.

Bonus Rounds

Finding the Golden Treasure Chest on both reels 1 and 5 during a single spin will access the Bonus Game screen: here, you will need to decide whether to be the pirate attacking the island, or defending it. These both play in the same way, but the setting is slightly different. You will be given 10 cannonballs, which are fired at enemy ships sailing across the screen. Hit one, and the value of your multiplier is displayed, anything up to 25 times your initial bet. Once all ten cannonballs have been expended, you are returned to the main screen of this NZ online casino game with no deposit.

Placing your Bets

Minimum bets really are an absolute minimum, of 0.01 coins, going up to a maximum of 40 coins per line. The maximum bet is thus 800 coins, and the highest payout is 6000 coins at one time, meaning that Buccaneers Bounty is suited to every rank of player. The enduring popularity of anything pirate-themed is well-founded, and with its great soundtrack, effects, and impressive graphics, not to mention such features as Free Spin bonuses and potential large payouts, Buccaneers Bounty is one of the best of the genre. If you enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean, slots such as Blackbeard’s Gold or even Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, then break out the rum and rejoice, because this is the slot for you.