Beowulf Online Slot – Earn Legendary Gold

If you know your Icelandic sagas, you’ll recognize the rousing opening of the English language’s oldest text. But you don’t need to look that far back to find the legend of Amaya Software: started just ten years ago, this company has become the industry leader in the online slots market, starting from early Java based games and Flash-powered animation, to bring you modern games with great storylines and cutting edge graphics. In addition, Amaya holds the licenses for all DC Comics characters, as well as licences from Paramount and Activision, creators of the hugely popular Call of Duty franchise, and recently acquired two major players in the online poker industry.

Enter the Hero

Beowulf stands against a snowy mountain backdrop, clad in hooded cloak and carrying a shield and sword: the look of the game is heavily influenced by runic artwork. Spinning the reels happens mostly in silence, except for the sound of these turning, but the symbols of the dragon are greeted by a dramatic chord as they appear. The usual playing card symbols are the ones that keep the balance ticking over, but there’s also a King, Queen, princess, Wolf Woman and Viking warrior to look out for, with payouts of up to 150 coins for finding combinations of these.

Grendel Attack

Dramatic music swells, the landscape changes colour, Beowulf lowers his hood, and Grendel himself appears in the 5th reel, sometimes in more than one line: with his green skin, sharp teeth and necklace of skulls, this would usually not be a cause for celebration, but Beowulf strides into action, sees him off at sword point, and wins a free spin. With Wild wolf head symbols randomly locked in some of the reels, these spins are almost always lucrative affairs, and can happen at any time. There are also Wild Beowulf and Wild drinking horn symbols, which can substitute for any of the game’s other symbols across the reels. In addition, the horn can also signal instant rewards itself, of up to 500 coins which you can use for Canada bingo.

Free Spin Dragons

If three dragons appear, this unlocks a bonus screen in which Beowulf does battle with the beast, and you win free spins of the reels: 3 for 3 dragons, 10 for 4, and 20 for 5 dragons. Each of the combatants earns a hit whenever his symbol appears: if Beowulf wins, you get an extra 3 free spins. Finally, after the dragon fight, Wild Swords will lock on the reels until the re-appearance of a dragon removes each one in turn.

Start the Adventure

Beowulf gives you the option of how many lines you wish to play, and what your wager is on these: while this information does not always appear on screen, it does tell you the total bet amount, as well as providing a handy Nett Winnings calculator whenever a combination comes up. Combined with the great bonuses and opportunities for winning that Beowulf offers, there are a lot of great reasons to check out this awesome Amaya offering.

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