Learn More about Fisticuffs Touch Online Slots Game

Learn More about Fisticuffs Touch Online Slots Game

Boxing has, for several years, been one of the most intriguing spectator sports around. While this sport dates back several centuries, its fan base has remained constant ever since. The same can be said of casinos.

Fisticuffs Touch online slots game brings these two interests together to create a online betting boxing-themed game. This particular game is set in the early 1900s, an era in which this sport was considered to be quite glamorous. While the sport itself is anything but, the spectators who would attend the matches were considered to be. Below, you will find further information on this game and what it offers players.

Understanding The Paylines

Fisticuffs Touch online slots game by NetEnt is perfect for players in the USA looking for a fairly simple game to play. With just 10 paylines, the rules are pretty simple. As long as a player manages to line up three, four or five symbols from left to right, they are guaranteed a win. While this game’s paylines may seem minimal in comparison to other slots games, which are known to have up to 50 paylines, players should not think that this prevents their chances of winning big. In fact, this game has a number of bonus features that could send them well on their way to big wins.

Potential Jackpot Wins

Players in the USA are in for a treat when it comes to Fisticuff Touch online slots game’s jackpot. Betting on this game starts at $0.01. It then goes up to $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.50 and finally, $1. The jackpot itself is set at 100 000 coins, so if a player hits it at the maximum bet, they could win up to $100 000. However, it is recommended that should a player wish to keep betting for a while, they make sure that it is at a level they can maintain, as it could prove to be quite pricey should they keep betting at the maximum level.

Fisticuff Touch online game has a number of great graphics adorning its reels. Of course, each one is themed around boxing, including boxing gloves, bells, trophies and belts. Furthermore, these graphics and the game itself have all been optimized to ensure that they can be accessed from a range of devices, such as iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. The game will function just the way it should, as long as a stable and reliable Internet connection is present.

Bonus Features

Unlike most other online slots games, Fisticuffs Touch automatically plays all of the paylines whenever a player spins. Furthermore, almost every spin will result in a wild symbol, which immediately substitutes any symbol missing from a winning combination. Should players wish to sit back, relax and let the game do all the work, they can also select the autoplay feature. This allows players to select the number of spins they wish to play and then plays that many rounds without the player having to manually spin each time.