What are the Odds of Choosing Lotto Winning Numbers

Odds of Choosing Lotto Winning Numbers

The odds of choosing a full set of winning lotto numbers are very low but many believe that there are ways in which one can narrow the odds to make the chances much greater. Not all of the theories regarding how to pick the best lotto numbers have even proven fruitful for all but many of the theories have been written or proven by lotto winners who have won multiple times or those who have researched mathematical systems. Each lotto game specifically has its own set of odds too so sometimes it is best to choose the lotto game that simply has the best odds.

Casual Methods of Choosing Lotto Numbers

There are many different ways lotto players have used to choose the best lotto numbers, not all of them have succeeded in winning but these methods are used continuously. All lotto games have a quick pick option where the random number generator selects the set of numbers for the lotto player. This is a popular method and has been known to produce winning numbers. Some of the best lotto numbers have been chosen at random, this is where there has been absolutely no thought into which numbers are chosen and this method too has seen winners.

Special dates or lucky numbers are used frequently by lotto players. Birthdays or certain other special dates are not seen as the best choice to use when choosing lotto numbers as they never produce a number above thirty one and many winning numbers will generally have at least one number higher than thirty one. It has also been noted that choosing more than two consecutive numbers or multiples of any one number should be avoided as these are rarely drawn.

Casual Methods of Choosing Lotto Numbers

Choosing Numbers Based on Lotto History

Like checking the history of players by some punters before starting cricket betting Australia, many lotto players will research the history of previous draws to help them choose the best lotto numbers. One method is to always pick the most frequently drawn number. There is a belief that the odds of the frequently drawn number being drawn are greater as it appears more times than other numbers. The opposite approach is also a popular theory as there are those who believe the numbers that are overdue will have higher odds of being drawn.

It is believed that the numbers are due as they have not appeared for some time. There is also a method of using previously winning numbers. Lotto players will choose winning numbers from any previous draw even the week before. Some will even research to find out the best lotto numbers that have won the most times throughout the lotto game’s history.

Using Mathematical Systems and Predictive Software

There are many theorists who claim to have developed mathematical systems for choosing the best lotto numbers. Many of them have been thoroughly tested and have in some instances produced winning results but not one method regardless of brilliance can guarantee a jackpot win. These methods have been published in many books or online. Predictive software has also been developed which uses certain mathematical systems in order to help choose the best numbers but this method also holds no guarantee.