A Guide To Classic Slots

The History of Classic Slots

The original slot machines were first built in the late 1800’s and were basically machines that had cards spinning on a wheel. Much like the classic slots today, the original slot machines had the same fruit, stars, bars and bell symbols. Slot machines gained their popularity due to the fact that they were simple to play and allowed players to play solo without being intimidated by other players and dealers.

Due to gambling laws in various stages of American history, the slot machines did not always pay out real money. Some paid out in drinks while other paid out in other prizes or sweets. Throughout the years as technology advanced, so did the slot machine which saw the birth of online slots when the Internet was launched.

The Classic Slots Found Online

Even though popular culture has seen the advance into video slots and 3D slots with impressive theme features and gaming capabilities, classic slots have remained popular amongst American slot fans. They have however seen advancements in graphics, sound and special effects as well as follow certain themes but the fundamental format of classics slots has remained.

Online real money slots Canada typically have three reels and one pay line. There are a variety of slots that are based on the classic version but make use of more than one pay line. Some are known to have up to nine pay lines. Most of the online slots in the classic variety focus more on spinning in winning combinations than the thrills and frills that the extravagant video slots offer. Some of the classic versions may however offer a bonus round or a wild or scatter symbol but these are not necessarily commonplace amongst the classics.

Classic Online Slot Game Symbols

Each of the classic online slot games has various unique themes which allows the colors and graphics used to vary between games. They typically all will use themed symbols as well as various classics like fruit, sevens and single, double and triple bars symbols amongst other common classics.

The Rules and How to Play

Classic slots are very simple to play and require little to no skill or strategy to achieve favorable outcomes. The chances of landing winning combinations are based on luck but there are certain rules of the games where the chances of higher pay outs are possible. Generally one pay line slots will have three levels to bet on with each offering a different pay out. Betting on all three levels will then increase the chances of higher winning amounts. This is also the case when it comes to placing maximum bet amounts.

With the classic slots being so simple to play the games are developed to be user friendly. The main screen that displays the reels has the most important function icons readily available. These icons are used to place the desired coins on the pay line at the desired value of the coin. Once that is done the spin button starts the reels. Most of the online slot games have an auto play feature that can be used to set a specific number of spins to spin automatically. The menu icons to access game features, rules and history are also displayed on the main screen.