Columbus Slots Game Review

Columbus is a slots game designed and developed by Novomatic. The game is available in two versions, the classic game that was released in 2002, and the deluxe version that was released in 2008 to keep up with demand and keep it fresh. The classic game is simple and straightforward and does not offer any wilds or spectacular special features, even though it does give players the chance to access a free spins rounds. The deluxe version of the game is more intently focused on offering features and bonus rounds.

The Columbus slots game is based on the historical figure of the same name, and the game pays homage to the man who discovered America. The game follows Columbus on his journey across the ocean to discover new land, and it combines a unique theme with high quality graphics. The game’s symbols include Columbus himself, his ship the Santa Maria, Queen Isabella, as well as other treasures and navigational devices. The game also incorporates the standard playing card symbols, which include the jack, queen, king, and aces.

The Free Spins Bonus and Other Features

The Columbus game offers players a free spins bonus round, which is activated when players land three or more scatter symbols on a single spin.

The game does not offer any wild symbols and it does not provide for any other bonus features, instead relying solely on hitting winning combinations to achieve pay outs. Winning combinations are hit when three or more of the same symbol are landed, and the payouts are pre-determined and set according to the game’s pay table.

The only additional feature that the Columbus game offers, which comes standard with Novomatic slots games, is the Gamble feature. In this feature, players stand the chance of doubling or quadrupling their wins by choosing the correct colour and suit of a hidden card. If they guess the correct colour, their wins will be doubled. If they guess the correct suit, their wins will be quadrupled which is what you want when you play at lucky nugget casino.

Playing the Game

Playing the Columbus slots game is very straightforward. To begin playing, players have to set their active pay lines, select their coin denomination, and choose how many coins they wish to play per pay line. The minimum bet per line is one, while the maximum bet per line is one hundred. When choosing their number of active pay lines, players can choose one, three, five, seven, or nine pay lines to play.

Once these figures have been set, players can either choose to hit the spin button to manually spin the reels of the Columbus slots game each time they wish to play, or they may choose to activate the auto play feature. In the auto play feature, players may pre-select a certain number of spins that will then be played automatically, giving the player the chance to sit back and watch the game take place. They can choose to pause or end the auto play feature by hitting the stop button on the game’s playing screen.