Triple Play Draw Poker

Online Triple Play Draw Poker

The card game of poker has been played around the world for close on two centuries. Every day, thousands, if not millions, of players gather around café tables, in parks, and in land-based casinos to put on their poker faces.

The game has translated well online, and has spawned a host of video poker titles, which, because of the digital platform, often make for surprising twists on the classic game. One example of these is Triple Play Draw Poker.

Most versions include several different video poker games in one, and give players the chance to play three hands simultaneously. At any point, players are free to switch between the different variations offered by the game.

Basic Triple Play Draw Poker Gameplay

Online Triple Play Draw Poker begins once players have set the value of their coins. Once that has been done, players will select the Deal button and be dealt five cards.

The cards will appear in one row on the screen.  Only when players have decided which cards to keep by selecting them will they actually finalise their bets.

This is done by selecting the Draw button. When this is done, players will see how their three hands fare.

Each Triple Play Draw Poker hand will then be evaluated separately, which means players could win once, twice, or even thrice per round. If players do win anything, the payouts will be made immediately.

Players can then play another three hands of the same game, or switch to one of the other styles of poker included as part of the overall game.

Games Included in Triple Play Draw Poker

As mentioned much like best online pokies Australia, Triple Play Draw Poker includes several different versions and variations of the card game. Some versions include as many as nine different poker games.

Among them are Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better, and Deuces Wild.

In goal in Bonus Poker is to make a pair of Jacks or better. One of the features of this game is that it offers a range of Four of a Kind payouts.

Double Bonus Poker is a variation on the theme, in which certain Four of a Kind hands could prove very lucrative indeed. Jacks or Better is an exceedingly well-known version of the game, in which at least a pair of Jacks is needed to win, and in which a Royal Flush can land huge payouts.

Deuces Wild, also often featured in Triple Play Draw Poker, is another well-known variation. Basically, all twos are wild, which means they can stand in for other cards when hands are formed. The catch is that players need at least a Three of a Kind to win.

Features to Customise Play

Most editions of online Triple Play Draw Poker include features that players can use to customise play, as well as features that can be helpful during play.

Among these are controls to toggle with the speed of the game, which means players can go as fast or as slow as they prefer.

There are also controls for easy switching between poker variations, to show the complete tables, and to show all the rules of the different games.