2 Ways Royal Video Poker

The Difference Regarding 2 Ways Royal Video Poker

Casino games have been around for centuries. Thanks to the technological developments over the past 50 years, a popular game with a casino category all of its own, is video poker. Fast-paced action and varying design and appearance have made video poker a game revered by so many, and played by even more. There are many slight variants to the basic video poker concept, and 2 Ways Royal is another of these. Complementing Jacks or Better as much as Aces and Faces, 2 Ways Royal is a video poker game that’s just a little bit different from the others, retains the pure video poker attraction, and remains being a fun, easy-to-learn online game.

Making 2 Ways Royal a Unique Game

The video poker game of 2 Ways Royal is, in many ways, a consequence of the interest major casino software developers have in the huge video poker market. Video pokers’ allure was the fact that this game does not require any opponents, on or offline, to play. One players’ gamble versus the house in a fast paced, high volume game of poker, where bluffing is less of a factor and players really need only have a working knowledge of the game of poker.

As a rapidly played, action heavy slot-style card game, 2 Ways Royal is arranged much like the bulk of the other video poker games out there in that the aim is to achieve the best poker hand possible, using  the cards you are dealt. The interesting, and unique addition to 2 Ways Royal video poker game is fresh high-scoring hand that is not available in other games. This hand is a low Royal Flush, a 2-3-4-5-6 straight all of the same suit, that pays out like the traditional Royal Flush. Having a 2 Ways Royal maximum jackpot obviously doubles the chances of winning the biggest prize in the game.

Game Setting Options

In 2 Ways Royal, like many of the poker games at the spin casino Canada casinos and video poker sites, provides players with the option of quite substantial adjustments to the game settings. The betting range goes from 0.1 coins to 25 coins per hand. The coin denominations can also be varied. This provides players of all levels and budgets with the opportunity to enjoy 2 Ways Royal video poker, and be able to use the strategy the feel like. As one would at any video poker game where rewards are paid according to the pay table, it is good advice to consult the pay table and game details before playing.

At 2 Ways Royal, earning winning consideration requires having a jacks or better combination. During the game any winnings trigger a gamble feature option and players can try to double the winnings or even double half of it.

Playing and Winning at 2 Ways Royal

The objective of 2 Ways Royal video poker is to create the best possible poker hand, and works off the Jacks or Better base game. Using the standard 52 playing card deck, players have the additional attraction of keeping the ‘Lo’ royal flush in mind whilst playing the game of video poker. And given the pay-out rate of video poker in general, 2 Ways Royal really is a potentially profitable casino game to play.