Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Means Fast Poker Online

Poker fans have a range of variations to choose from at most online casinos. Those who enjoy the calling, raising and bluffing of the traditional game can do so in Hold’em variations, where all the players share pool cards. Or they can opt for Draw versions, which allow them to discard cards and try to improve their hands. Some online casinos offer Live Poker, with dealers and the players interacting via Skype.

Video Poker is for those who only want to play mobile pokies nz against the house, and not bother with opponents or pool cards; they get paid out according to a pay table for winning Poker combinations. Caribbean Stud is a hybrid Poker version that offers players the best of both worlds, along with lightning-fast play.

The Basics of Caribbean Stud Play                                                            

Unlike most Video Poker titles, Caribbean Stud features no draw; hands are played as they are dealt. First, however, the player must place an ante bet. There are many different Caribbean Stud games available from different developers, but players will always have a variety of betting levels to choose from. Most casinos offer an ante range between $1 and $500.

Once the ante is staked, the two hands are dealt; all five of the player’s cards are dealt face-up, and the dealer gets four cards face-down, plus one showing. The player must then assess the strength of the hands, and decide whether the dealer will qualify or not. If the player believes their hand will beat the dealer’s, they can raise the bet by an amount that is double the ante. If the player reckons the dealer’s hand is stronger, they can fold, and thus lose only the ante.

Progressive Jackpots on Some Caribbean Stud Titles

Caribbean Stud fans should try a number of versions at different casinos; there are even titles that allow players to add a Progressive Jackpot bet to every hand, which results in even higher pay-outs for any combinations from a Flush up. This additional bet is usually as low as $1, and will pay out set amounts for lower combinations; for example: $75 for a Flush, $100 for a Full House, or $500 for Four of a Kind. A Straight Flush could win 10% of the Progressive Jackpot, and a Royal Flush takes 100% of the Jackpot, which can be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Dealer Must Qualify to Play

The Caribbean Stud dealer does not play unless the dealer’s hand contains at least an Ace and a King. If not, the dealer does not qualify; the player wins even money on the ante, and has the raise bet returned. If the dealer does qualify with an A and K or better, the stronger hand wins. If this is the player’s, they are paid even money on the ante, as well as the multiple of the raise bet that is listed on the pay table for that particular combination.

This pay table is what makes Caribbean Stud a variation of Video Poker. In several casinos, for example, if a player is dealt Three of a Kind and beats the dealer, they are paid 3:1 on the raise bet, with increasing multiples for higher combos, until a Royal Flush wins 200:1. These enhanced pay-outs are the secret to success in Caribbean Stud: players must be prepared to play for extended periods, folding all their weak hands scrupulously, so that they can afford to boost their bets on the big winners.