Have You Heard About Premium All American Video Poker?

Premium All American Video Poker is a video poker game that is available online. It can be played with real money wagers or for free. Players can wager with one or more hands at the same time, up to a maximum of 100 hands per turn.

Each hand is dealt from a standard deck of 52 cards that are reshuffled after each hand. Premium All American Video Poker follows standard poker rules but jacks or better is considered a special hand.

Premium All American Wagers

Premium All American Video Poker at skrill online casino Australia allows a variety of wager sizes to be used on each hand. The in game wagers coin value can be adjusted between 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1, 2, 5 and 10.

Each hand can be wagered with up to 5 coins, making the maximum wager per hand 50. The maximum jackpot pay out available is the royal flush, offering 4000x your wager in pay out.

Premium All American Video Poker Hands

Premium All American Video Poker features standard poker hands. Notably the lowest possible hand that will award a payout is Jacks or better, meaning either a pair of jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces.

Any hand lower than this is considered a losing hand. The highest value hand is the Royal Flush, then a straight Flush, Four of a kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a kind and a two pair.

How To Play All American Video Poker

When you start a new game of Premium All American Video Poker, you must first adjust the wager coin value to determine your wager limit. You can do this by simply clicking on the up or down arrows next to the coin value tab.

The Bet Level tab determines how many coins you will be wagering on each hand, this can also be adjusted by clicking the up or down arrows. You will see the statistics change according to the value of the bet level. Premium All American Video Poker will display all potential winning amounts to the player.

The Max Bet option will automatically wager 5 coins and start the game. From here you can simply click Deal to receive your first hand dealt to you. You can click on the hold button to hold specific cards in hand, and you can click draw to receive your final cards that will make up your poker hand.

Premium All American Video Poker Game Settings

At the bottom left of the Premium All American Video Poker play screen, you will find two icons you can click, the first will toggle the in game sound either on, or off. The second icon with the wrench is where you can adjust more of the game settings.

You can increase the game speed so that the cards are dealt either faster or slower. You can also change the settings of the Gamble option. This option lets you make an additional wager on any winning hands in order to double the pay out.

Players can also view the game history from this screen. The game history is only available if you are playing with real money wagers. Free money play will not display your game history details.