Online Slots and Casino Games at Norway’s Top Casinos

Online Slots and Casino Games at Norway’s Top Casinos

Playing online slots and casino games in Norway, despite the legalities behind it, is quite simple really. There are 2 companies in Norway that have a limited offering but other than that Norway players can still take part in the gambling craze by visiting the many Norway-friendly online casinos. It’s at these foreign online casinos that Norwegian players can enjoy any online casino game of choice, and can take advantage of large winnings too.

Gambling in Norway

Gambling in Norway is illegal, there are however 2 entities that are legally allowed to perform gambling and lottery activities, Norsk Tipping and the Norsk Risktoto.

Norsk Tipping is a company that runs Norway’s national lottery. It also offers other gambling games including Lotto, Keno and scratch card games.

Norsk Risktoto also offer a form of gambling but instead focuses more on animal racing, i.e. horse races. Both of these companies however are watched over and strongly regulated by the Norwegian Gaming Authority.

Although Norsk Tipping and Risktoto open the playing field to Norwegian players they’re also very limited in the games they have available. Online slots and casino games at Norway’s top casinos are available to local players granted that they don’t deposit and/or withdrawal funds to and from their online casino account via a Norwegian bank account.

NOK Deposits and Withdrawals

In 2010 the government forced all Norwegian banks to stop payment of any gambling activity whether at a land-based or online casino using a credit or debit card. Instead they now make use of the many e-wallet solutions available including Skrill, Neteller, EcoCard, EntroPay and the popular Visa and MasterCard’s form part of that selection too.

Sometimes using an e-wallet payment method can reward the player with a bonus of up to 10% – 15%. Standard processes will apply as they would on any other e-business site but the good news is that all of these options are well known and trustworthy.

Online Slots and Casinos Games for Norwegian Players

Besides the regular lottery-style games and animal racing games there is a huge variety of online casino games available to Norwegian players. The government is yet to block foreign online casino sites, and because the ever-increasing gambling arena is so popular that it was a no-brainer for foreign online casinos to gear up and cater to these players. Some online casinos offer the Norwegian language as well, and have a wide variety of payment methods as to not hinder the opportunity to win real money.

Online slots and casino games at Norway’s top casinos include popular games such as classic and Canada slot machines games, poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more.

Technically it’s not legal or illegal for Norwegian players to play at foreign online casino sites and there are no measures in place to enforce this rule, and so it becomes an open playing field to anyone that’s interested.

Some of the more popular online casino sites to visit that support Norwegian players include Casino Cruise, Betway, Mr Green and so many more. It’s as simple as doing a Google search to find them all.