Happy New Year Slot Game

Online Chinese Happy New Year Slot Game

Going back centuries one is able to find the early recordings that celebrated this rather unique annual cycle held within China. Here they celebrated the New Year in February, as opposed to the customary western practice of at the end of December. This tradition is still held today in modern China, despite the conformity that the online connectivity brought the world of today. Even still these annual celebrations are done in extravagant style and grandeur, with fireworks and dancing and overall fun highly prevalent. This is what Happy New Year slot by Microgaming have attempted to theme this slot game on, this wonderfully eccentric experience and atmosphere.

The slot itself is made up of 3 reels and just 5 pay lines, so on the whole the gameplay is relatively simple and straightforward. Add to this a modicum of betting options to allow a solid spectrum of players a chance at these reels and the game is practically afoot. Since this Happy New Year slot game is setup to accentuate the more basic factors of the experience the bonus features available a considerably sparse. Here players will find but only a Wild symbol, though the wins generated from this one symbol are quite substantial.

The Happy New Year Layout and Theme

Since this slot is based on that colourful and flashy event held in February each year in China, it can be expected that the appearance of this slot will be equally as colourful and laden with bright facets. The backdrop displays fireworks frozen in time across a dark sky, though the game screen obscures this view to a degree in its pursuit to fit all the necessary game features. This include the pay table which is prominently listed alongside the reels and the betting option buttons that get the game setup and started.

The majority of the symbols on the reels of this Happy New Year slot are represented by fireworks. In this regard players will find these firework symbols made up of varying colours like green, red and yellow. These do not reap exceedingly high pay outs but tend to trigger fairly often and can even generate smaller wins from cross combinations of symbols which makes the possible returns eventually stack up a bit.

The betting options allow players to set the number of pay lines, out of 5, as well as the coin denomination which is then bet per line. This does offer a fair bit of range, though not so much as to say it’s a game for all players. There are also bet max and auto spin buttons for efficient gaming.

The Minimalistic Approach and the Bonus Feature

The bonus feature included in this slot is the Wild, represented as the game’s logo, which can then substitute in for other symbols in the game. With only 3 reels and 5 pay lines this one may be invaluable in this Happy New Year slot. The Wild also provides the maximum jackpot in the game of up to 2400 times the wager placed, not bad for a minimalistic slot game.

A slot game like Happy New Year that takes on a more fundamental approach to the microgaming no deposit bonus slot gaming experience may be for specific types of players, but can all the same offer up some noble wins and easy gaming to all regardless of preference.