What are Positive and Negative Progression Betting Systems?

What are Positive and Negative Progression Betting Systems?

Positive and negative progression betting systems are systems used by gamblers to increase their chances at winning money on casino games.

These systems can be applied to a number of games, and many bettors and players believe that using these two systems properly is a guaranteed way to making real money sometimes at an endless rate.

This has made these two systems incredibly popular in the casino world, and they are both used every day by thousands of experienced gamblers all over the world.

Both these systems are easy to learn and many quickly come to rely on them as their strategy for winning at a game, even if the results don’t always give the promised advantage.

Despite this, many also believe that these systems do not actually work at all, and that they can actually become a detriment to a player’s game after a while.

Progression Betting: The Premise

The basic concept of the positive and negative progression in the online betting system is quite simple.

Players will adjust the amount that they bet depending on whether the previous bet they placed was a winning bet or not.

The exact amount that is then bet afterwards depends on the specific system being used, such as whether it was a positive or negative outcome.

Negative Progression

While the mechanics are the same as the positive progression, everything is reversed. When the player wins, they will decrease the stake, and when they lose, the stake is increased.

In the case of Roulette, if the player were to bet on black with an even money bet and win, they would immediately decrease the amount staked for the next round. If they lose the bet, they increase the bet.

This ultimately gives the player the impression that the more they invest for losing bets, the higher the eventual payout will be during a win.

Like with the positive progression system, this system can blindside a player due to the fact that the games are designed in favour of the house, and every time the player loses, they are paying more to the house.

Positive Progression

Positive progression works when the player decides to increase the stake every time they win, and decrease the stake whenever they lose.

Many players use this system in Roulette, for example, where they will make an even money bet on red or black, and then increase their stake if the bet is successful.

This will continue indefinitely, as long as the player continues to land winning bets, which is they refer to it as progression.

The downside to it, as many will quickly realise, is that most casinos design their games in such a way that gives the house the advantage, and the longer a player stays at the table, the higher the chance the house will eventually win everything.

Therefore the progressive nature of the positive progression system actually works in favour of the house almost every time the longer the player continues using the system.

The Progression System in Conclusion

Both these systems may seem promising to players and it is easy to understand why.

They are easy to understand and make sense from a player’s perspective, and while they can definitely help a player’s chances in some instances, many advise steering away from the positive and negative progression systems.