Aliens Slot Game

The Fundamentals of Aliens Online Slots

Aliens is an online video slot game developed by leading casino mate nz software provider Net Entertainment. The game is based on the 1986 blockbuster hit film of the same name. It features 5 reels and 15 paylines in a standard slot game format, as well as additional game features like 3D graphics, collectable win multipliers and interactive game play during 3 separate levels.

The objective of the game is for players to complete all 3 game levels by shooting their way through alien attacks in order to reach the Queen Hive, while collecting bonuses, prizes and multipliers along the way.

Aliens Animation and Sound Effects

The game’s theme is at once recognisable thanks to the quality graphic presentation of its reels, pay table and backdrop. The backdrop of the game is dark and filled with alien imagery, while the foreground and reels have a luminescent blue quality that helps create an ominous and futuristic atmosphere reminiscent of the Aliens science-fiction film on which it is based.

The cinematic sounds and strikingly crisp graphics further create an atmosphere of tension and suspense, helping to immerse players into the world of Aliens with intelligently designed, action-packed game play.

Aliens Reel Symbols

The reel symbols in Alien online slots feature a variety of monster-like aliens and alien eggs that extend the science-fiction theme of the game. The fully-grown alien yields the highest payouts, and the unhatched egg the lowest. These symbols are also fully animated and come to life when a winning reel combination drops onto the screen, further creating a lifelike game experience for Aliens online slots players.

The Weyland-Yutani Corporation’s logo serves as the game’s Wild symbol, and can substitute all other symbols in the game to create winning reel combinations. The Weyland-Yutani Wild symbol will appear at varying times during each game level. During Level 1, the Wild symbol will appear on the second and fifth reels, while during level 2 the Wild symbol will appear on every reel.

Aliens Game Features

The Aliens online slot game features 3 different levels, which is a unique feature in slots games. The objective of Level 1 is for players to fill the game’s Alien Activity Meter with the highest possible win multipliers in order to claim the level’s bonus.

Level 2 is known as the ‘Encounter Level’, and requires players to shoot all the aliens incorporated into the level without running out of ammunition, while collecting various bonuses along the way.

The final level, Level 3, is known as ‘The Hive’, and rewards players with 5 re-spins. The objective of this level is to destroy the Queen Hive in order to gain maximum game credits.

Players can also trigger Search bonus games, in which they can search for targets to maximise their winning payouts with win multipliers up to 14x, and Hive bonus games in which players move around an alien ship looking to hit targets that will award them with unique payouts and multiplier values of up to 240 times the amount of their original win.