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New York's Premier Monthly LGBTQ Publication

Diversity Rules has returned - currently in the form of a digital publication.

Giving voice to the LGBTQ community, its friends and supporters throughout the Central Leatherstocking Region of New York State and beyond. Diversity Rules strives to facilitate changes in the way people perceive the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) community.

While the primary focus of “Diversity Rules” is on the needs and concerns of the LGBTQ community, it will also address diversity beyond sexual identity, including gender, race relations, and equality for all.

You will find a lot of great content in the current (June 2011) issue! You will be glad you checked it out.

In the future, when resources allow, Diversity Rules Magazine will also be available as a full color, glossy, MONTHLY publication. Our support can help make that happen.

See the current issue here!



Gay USA, a weekly news-hour, offers comprehensive news and analysis by and about the LGBTQ community. The program features lively repartee between hosts Ann Northrop and Andy Humm, as well as interviews with special guests.

Gay USA airs several times a week on Free Speech TV.

Click the screen shot above or go to to view the current and past episodes of Gay USA.

Gay USA is also available as a free Podcast on the iTunes store.

Free Speech TV

Launched in 1995, Free Speech TV is an independent, publicly-supported, non-profit TV multi-platform digital media pioneer. Using both television and the Internet, Free Speech TV inspires viewers to become civically engaged to build a more just, equitable, and sustainable society.

Free Speech TV is available on channel 9415 to all Dish Network subscribers and on channel 348 for DirecTV subscribers with an HD package. You can also view their programming on line.

The Advocate - The award-winning national gay & lesbian news magazine

I admit it... I'm a sucker for the latest tech toys. My budget may be limited, but I eventually find some way to get my hands on all the really cool gadgets. So when I first heard that two satellite radio services (XM and Sirius) were being launched I was excited. I was also very cautious and determined to know as much as possible about this new technology before investing in it. So I set out on a long period of research.

Then, one day while driving towards Scranton, fighting lousy radio reception and horrible programming, I decided it was time. A quick stop at Best Buy and I was the owner of a new Sirius satellite radio.

Why Sirius? One good reason was for Sirius OutQ. OutQ radio is packed with news, information, entertainment and music aimed exclusively at the Gay and lesbian community. I couldn't drive withut OutQ in my car! Happily, Sirius and XM have since merged and OutQ is now available on both services. You can now find OutQ on channel 108 on both Sirius and XM radios.

I highly recommend either satellite radio service. The sound is not CD quality, but is much better then local FM radio. With 120 channels, including some 66 commercial free music channels, you are sure to find something you like - besides OutQ.

For those who don't want to buy a satellite radio, and who have a broad band internet connection, OutQ (along with all other Sirius/XM programming) can also be heard online. You must have an on-line subscription which allows you to listen on your computer and various mobil devices. I listen to Sirius/XM on my iPod Touch when I'm away from my radio. If you already have one of the services in your car you can add an online account for about $4.00 a month!

Though not necessary to listen to the service on line, PC listeners can use stand-alone players which work much better then listening through the standard Sirius/XM web browser interface. I recommend a stand-along Sirius/XM player called Pulsar for Mac users. The interface is better then what is provided on the radios or web interface.

John Kessler

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