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Don Barber is the Man to Be Senator!

Milford A. Decker

Dobson in the “Hall of Shame!”

Jeffrey K. Sterling

Cost of the War In Iraq

On Legislating Morality

Jim Pursell

Don Barber is the Man to Be Senator!

October 26, 2008

Don Barber is the Man to Be Senator!

Sadly, Jim Seward has gotten the approval of Jim Dobson’s Focus On the Family because of his unique commitment to “Family Values.”  This dubious greedy organization is noted for their propaganda of lies and misrepresentations of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender families.

Both Jims clearly believe that LGBT families are not deserving of equality, a sort of “liberty and justice for some!”  Their brand of hateful discrimination should not be considered a family value.

Honesty and integrity are two things both Jims lack.  Seward, in his misleading television ad, resorts to using his influence over the insurance industry as something he is proud of!  They’ve paid him over $300,000.00 while he sits back and lets them set their own prices in return. Bush-like deregulation hurts all of us.  Seward’s inaction hurts everyone in higher rates and co-pays, but especially hurts those who couldn’t afford policies, leaving countless families uninsured. 

Don Barber is a family man, a life-long organic farmer and a successful small business owner who will fight for all of us and not just corporate America!  Vote for Don, an energetic, sincere and honest underdog with workable plans to improve our economy, bring us inexpensive renewable energy and affordable health care.  

Compare both Don and Jim at the debates at SUNY Oneonta in Morris Hall on the 27th and at Tompkins-Cortland Community College in Dryden on the 28th, both at 7:00PM.  

You will agree, Don is clearly the candidate with integrity who will work tirelessly for real family values, liberty and justice for ALL!


Milford A. Decker

Dobson in the “Hall of Shame!”

Posted 28 Aug, 2008

The National Radio Hall of Fame has committed a “felony” by nominating Dr. James Dobson, a self-proclaimed “Christian” into their hallowed halls.  An ignorant and gullible public voted for him over honest more deserving candidates.

Dobson, deluded into believing only he is God’s mouthpiece, falsely preaches that all “practicing gays” are going straight to hell!  When peaceful reasonable folks attempt to dialogue with him about homosexuality or gender identity they are arrested as trespassers by his obedient minions, before facing their accuser and judge!

Unwittingly, the uneducated public hears his “gospel of hate” and continues to accept Dobson as a Christian leader, to the tune of $138 million dollars in profits last year!  In truth, Dobson has no theological training and lives in stark contrast to Christ’s teachings.  He has the audacity to publicly accuse Barak Obama of altering scripture to fit his needs!

Dr. Dobson is a notorious fear and hate-monger of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people.  He has been trapped in serial lies pertaining to these minorities, especially distorting research claiming them to be unsuitable parents.  He rants with no concrete evidence, that being “gay” is “preventable, a sinful choice, and is curable,” causing untold emotional heartache and worse.  LGBT’s have been suicide victims, attacked and butchered as the result of Dobson and his misguided organization, Focus On the Family.  Their intentional falsehoods are aired on more than 3000 North American stations and in 27 languages in 160 countries worldwide!  Fully witness and experience his extreme fear of and “violence” against LGBT’s visit: and

Genuine social scientists and researchers are discovering how Dobson alters and/or misquotes their data to align with his divisive, radical, and very profitable anti-LGBT industry.  Discover first-hand, the depth and sinister gravity of Dobson’s slick subterfuge and deception.  Count the scientists who are lining up demanding public apologies and reparations for his irresponsible misrepresentation of their life’s work:

Inductees are to have “helped guide America” and have “brought us closer together as a nation.”  

Contact the National Radio Hall of Fame to share your justifiable shock, horror and indignation over this travesty of justice:  A protest is planned to coincide with the November 8th induction gala at the Chicago-based Museum of  

Broadcast Communications.

Most Sincerely,

Jeffrey K. Sterling
Utica, NY

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Cost of the War In Iraq

While not strictly a GLBT issue, this item should be of interest to our visitors, who will end up paying the bill at some point.

Cost of the War in Iraq
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On Legislating Morality

Submitted 11 November, 2004

So now the hot topic in the editorial columns is how the press was blindsided by the strong tide of voters who chose Bush because of "Moral Values". A wave of dedicated born-again Christians and other fundamentalists was a significant part of Bush's win. The political analysts never saw it coming. Where did these people come from and why are they so dedicated? When questioned about just what they mean by "Moral Values" we learn they mean "the teachings of the Bible", especially the condemnation of homosexuality.

They've always been here. They just don't make the headlines. They're not the intellectuals who write the esoteric editorials. They're not the authors and creators of political rationales. They're just the down-home folks who go to church and listen to their preacher tell them, over and over again, that homosexuality is a sin and the Bible is ag'in‚ it.

Of course, amid the thumpings of quotes from Leviticus, the admonitions against eating shellfish and pork and the prohibitions against mixing threads of different materials in our clothing and all the other odd kosher laws of the Old Testament are conveniently ignored. Only the more colorful damning of homosexuals is carried forward as a sure way to please God. And in the New Testament, Paul and others followed the old ways and condemned homosexuals even while Jesus was praising the Centurion who had faith that Jesus could cure his homosexual lover. Somehow Jesus never saw it important to say anything at all against homosexuals.

Now, after generations of Bible teachings by fundamentalists we have a cadre of queer-haters who, after finally learning the true nature of the dreaded gay agenda (They want to get married), are bound and determined to write discrimination into our Constitution by banning same-sex marriage - a clear case of legislation aimed to deny equality for a specific group of citizens.

After several decades of two-steps-forward, one-step-back interpretations by our courts in favor of equal status for gays, just when true equality was in sight and marriage might be legalized, the pendulum seems to have swung the other way and it appears all that may be changed.

But is there a pendulum in the hearts of the people? Yes, there is a swing in the rulings of courts and the laws passed by legislatures. The political makeup of these bodies does change with time and they change from liberal to conservative and back again. But what of the people? Do they swing back and forth in some long-term rhythm? No. At least not in an individual's lifetime.

The little old lady who went to Bible School when she was 5 is the same person who goes to church every Sunday and listens to her preacher exhort his flock to follow the "teachings of the Bible" and reject equality for homosexuals, the inferior people of God's realm. Her mind hasn't changed in all these years. Her Bible tells her so.

You can write laws prohibiting discrimination and you can interpret existing writings to favor equality but you can't legislate "morality." You can't change the hearts and minds of the people with legislation. Real change must come from within.

I remember when I was a young man and GIs, returning from the Korean War, were thinking over their first exposures to blacks after Truman integrated the armed forces. One of my roommates told me that he was surprised to find out that, one-on-one, the blacks weren't so bad. Individually, each one he met turned out to be an OK sort of guy. It was just that, put them together with their own kind and you had a different sort of situation...

On one hand he learned that the old phobias were false, that the color of a man's skin did not automatically make him good or bad, that he was just like you and me inside but on the other hand he was falling back on the old stereotypes in viewing group behavior and associating that with the reasons for discrimination. And hatred.

You can go back a little further in time to the Nazi era in Germany and listen to people say that Jews weren't really so bad - why, they even did business with Jews and had Jews for friends -- but get them together in a restaurant or a park and they took over and had odd habits that were repulsive to good Germans.

It's easy to hate a group -- a body without a face. But when you are up-close and personal, one-on-one with a real person, you can't rely on stereotypes and clichés - you have to look him in the eye and deal with him as a person. That's when thoughtless prejudice melts away and real equality begins.

So where does this leave us? If we want to establish an equitable society and a loving camaraderie in our country, in our world, we have to get at the basic source of the problem. We have to deal with personal relationships instead of mob reactions. We have to apply the Golden Rule.

Good luck.

Jim Pursell

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