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The BARA Binghamton E-Mail list is your free community communications resource. You can post messages to the list members, and receive timely information about the latest happenings in the local GLBT community.

Have a question? ask the list. A member may have the answer. Have an idea or opinion you wish to share? Post it to the list. Have a local community GLBT related event you wish to publicize? Tell the list. It's a terrific way to keep informed, pass on the latest news of the community, and make new friends!

This service is brought to you by BARA, but the content and how it's used is up to you and other members of the community. Don't be bashful, join in!

Please let us know if you have any questions, problems or complaints with this service.

Subscribing to the BARA List

The simplest way to join the list is to enter your e-mail address in the field below and click the "Subscribe" button.

Subscribe to the BARA list:

You may also subscribe to the BARA list by simply sending a blank E-Mail to the following address:

Once you subscribe, you will almost immediately receive an automated message from This message will contain simple instructions on how to confirm your subscription. This extra step, called "double opt in", protects you from being subscribed to the list by anyone other then yourself.

One of the confirmation options offered is to go to a web page specified in the confirmation e-mail. If you chose to confirm your subscription using the web page you will be given the option of receiving list messages in daily digest form. This means the list will collect messages received during a 24 hour period and send them all at once. This can be handy on a very busy list by reducing the number of messages you receive to a manageable level.

The BARA list is a very low volume list. I do not recommend selecting the digest option for this list.

Once you confirm your subscription, you will receive a message telling you that final approval is required from the list moderator before you will be subscribed. Once again, this is to protect list members from abuse. Approval will typically be granted as soon as the moderator receives the request. This should normally take no more then one day.

Sending Messages to the List

To post a message to the list, simply send your message as a normal e-mail to:

Your message will be forwarded to all the list subscribers.


To unsubscribe from the list, simply send a blank E-Mail message to:

To unsubscribe from the old Yahoo list, send a message to:

Web Interface

Those who may prefer to use a web based interface can also subscribe or unsubscribe by visiting this Web page:

You may also read archives of past messages and chose the daily digest from this page.

Please Note - We maintain this list as a service any member of the community will feel comfortable using. Inappropriate, abusive, or "sexually explicit" adult content will not be tolerated.

This is a closed list meaning members must chose to join and the list manager must approve all new members. Once you become a member your posts will be unmoderated. We are relying on our members to be responsible.

We maintain strict confidentiality for our list members. Your address will not be disclosed to non-list members, and you will not receive spam from this list. Anyone spamming the list will be permanently banned from the list.

Now Join in and have fun!

John Kessler

BARA Webmaster


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