Out at the Movies 2011

The North Country's LGBT Film Festival

Out at the Movies 2003 was the first lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) film festival to be held in the North Country of New York State. This March, Out at the Movies is back for the eighth time with five days of documentary, dramatic and comedic films that explore diverse lives and experiences in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. The 2011 festival will once again feature some of the finest films on the LGBT film festival circuit over the past year.

The 2011 festival dates are March 24th through the 28th. All films are free, with the exception of the Cinema 10 film. Films will be shown on the campuses of SUNY Potsdam, St. Lawrence University, Clarkson University, SUNY Canton and Potsdam Central School. The final film of the festival will be shown in the Potsdam Roxy Theater at Cinema 10 on Monday, March 28. For more information, including film descriptions, festival schedule and directions to theaters, check the festival website:

The event is organized by a consortium of local LGBT groups and is supported by many local organizations and individuals. North Country Public Radio is media sponsor for this event.

The list of films, times and locations is as follows:

Thursday, March 24, 7:30 p.m. (Note: Films will begin at 7:30 tonight only)

Peterson-Kermani Performance Hall, Griffiths Art Center

St. Lawrence University

Feature: Undertow / Contracorriente (Peru/Colombia, 2009, 100 min, Spanish with English subtitles)

In this unique ghost story set on the northern coast of Peru, a married fisherman struggles to reconcile his devotion to his male lover with his love for his pregnant wife and his dedication to the deep-rooted religious traditions of his seaside community.

Short: Hens and Chicks (USA, 2009, 15 min, English)

Raised by two mothers, young Hanna has always known there are all types of families. But she's never thought about the logistics of it all until her friend Marco explains the process of creating chicks from eggs. Soon after, an educational trip through cyberspace has Hanna asking, “Who's my rooster?”

Friday, March 25, 7 p.m.

Wakefield Recital Hall

SUNY Potsdam

Feature: Leading Ladies (USA, 2010, 102 min, English)

A zany comedy about two sisters, their gay best friend, and their overzealous stage mom. When one sister gets pregnant, the other is asked to step in for her in a dance championship. “Family drama and coming out have never been choreographed better!”

Short: Judgment Day (USA, 2009, 8 min, English)

The quasi-autobiographical story about a teenage boy and his life-sustaining obsession with Judy Garland.

Saturday, March 26, 2 p.m.

High School Auditorium

Potsdam Central School

Feature: FIT (UK, 2010, 108 min, English)

A bright and dynamic film that directly tackles issues of high school bullying and homophobia. Described as a "gritty take on Glee," the film follows a high school drama and dance class taught by a new out and proud gay teacher and a troubled group of teens struggling with their ideas about sexuality and adulthood.

Short: Birthday (Sweden/Poland, 2010, 18 min, Swedish with English subtitles)

Unexpected news threatens the success of Katarina’s surprise birthday party. Sara’s not sure she can make it through the day she’s worked so hard to plan for her wife.

Saturday, March 26, 7 p.m.

Multipurpose Rooms of the Student Center

Clarkson University

Feature: A Marine Story (USA, 2010, 93 min, English)

A tough young Marine is forced out of the service by military policy. Her return from Iraq to her conservative hometown and military family offer a touching and thought-provoking look at what “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” did to hardworking, dedicated soldiers. Features Syracuse native Paris Pickard.

Short: Fredagsbarn / Friday’s Child (Denmark, 2010, 11 min, Danish with English subtitles)

Fourteen-year old Rune lives in the suburbs; he is different from the other boys. After an argument with his father, he leaves home to hang out at the docks and has a surprising encounter with another boy.

Short: Uncle Denis? (UK, 2009, 18 min, English)

Writer, artist's model, actor, and raconteur Quentin Crisp was born Denis Charles Pratt. He became a gay icon after the publication of his memoir, The Naked Civil Servant , which was eventually made into a film. This documentary, created by Crisp’s great nephew filmmaker Adrian Goycoolea , explores how such a public figure fits into ideas of family, and in particular into his own family.

Sunday, March 27, 2 p.m.

Kingston Theater, SUNY Canton

Feature: Two Spirits: Gender, Sexuality, and the Murder of Fred Martinez (USA, 2009, 65 min, English)

This documentary weaves the tragic story of a mother’s loss of her son with a revealing look at the largely unknown history of how Native American cultures have expressed and celebrated gender roles.

Feature: Bisexual Revolution / La bisexualité : tout un art? (France, 2010, 61 min, several languages with English subtitles)

A documentary about the often-overlooked B in LGBT, Bisexual Revolution presents a fascinating and fast-paced look at a sexual orientation that often meets with misunderstanding from gay and straight alike.

Monday, March 28, 7:15pm

CINEMA 10 at the Roxy Theater, Main St., Potsdam (admission fee)

Feature: Howl (USA, 2010, 84 min, English)

James Franco offers a breakthrough performance as Allen Ginsburg, the beat poet and counter-cultural icon whose epic poem, Howl, pushed the boundaries of obscenity and literary art while it chronicled the lives, travels and insights of Ginsburg and his friends. The center of the film is the obscenity trial that followed the poem’s publication. “What could have been a trivial exercise in nostalgia,” writes Ann Hornaday of The Washington Post, “instead becomes a powerful case for the cathartic power of art.”

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